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Quisqualis Indica – This beautiful creeper is growing in my garden – and it is blooming and the blooms are really beautiful.

They have flowers that drop down , are in three colors- red , white and pink. They have beautiful blooms and the flowers keep growing all over. The blooms are in bundles and truly beautiful and they from a beautiful natural garland on the trellis that is in the garden.

They go by different names like Rangoon Creeper, Chinese Honeysuckle and Combretum indicum whch are among the few as they are spread through South East Asia and have been introduced in the Azores, Portugal.

I have clicked a picture of the blooming flowers which you can check:

quisqualis indica, rangoon creeper,combretum indicum

The Brinjal

I have been growing this brinjal plant ever since I was given this plant when it was a sapling . I planted it in my pot and started to watch it grow. In the initial stages, the brinjal was given to me as a sapling which I planted in my pot , a very sturdy sapling which started to grow in a couple of weeks , forming good leaves and getting good growth with branches dividing into may more.

The brinjal thrives in heat and requires a lot of water to get the growth that it needs as it is a plant that requires a lot of maintainence topic proposal format review of literature to keep it fresh and healthy. This was my first experience of growing a brinjal which is aplantfavours a lot of heat and I have already got two full fledgedbrinjals in the process of creating a brinjal.

The plant took around 2 – 3 weeks for the first flower and then it started to fruit. from the flower, the fruit started to come out – a slow process involving a small fruit which starts budding in to a fruit , forming a purple brinjal in no time. This is the first brinjal I had grown and was very proud of it
Growing a brinjal was not without its share of problems and I soon found out how insects are attracted to this plant. This plant is a great food source for insects and you can see them coming to munch every time you go to see the plant . It was quite disappointing to see a leaf which was fresh the other da losing its freshness due to a holes made by these insects. They attack each and every part of the tree, scraping the green part of the stems and making green leaves turning mildly yellow
I found some information for the protection of the plant . I brought some Neem oil and after mixing it with water sprayed it on the plant. The trick worked and the pests stopped attacking the plant due to the bitter taste of the neem all over the plant. This proved to be a a good defence to the plant

As I walked through the garden, in the early morning and was waking mentally to the sound of beautiful birds chirping in the garden. Suddenly, there was a disturbance and I heard the garden help and a neighbour fighting. They were fighting over a plant called the ‘ Jaswandh ‘. I stared at them write narrative essay wondering what was the Jaswandh and as the fight stopped , and the help was on the way to the garden , I asked him about the plant . He could’nt explain it to me so he showed it to me . as I looked , i recognized the plant immediately . It was the ” Hibiscus

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