Trinity's Art



The ship floats
a huge body on marine depth
well controlled and balanced
The technicians hard at work
and the fumes blow off on high

The pilot walks into the yard
the planes ready
and welded hard
technicians still working on the4 welds
on Earth you can see a picture of Hell
as temperatures go soaring high
and heat fumes blur the mediterrenean air

Into the cockpit
going from snores to snarls
The Pilot is Charles
Trained for months on this one
Finally there’s his chance to begin
the conquest of the skies
HE walks towards his plane
and climbs into the cockpit

The plane burns gas
from the back it burns
as heavy fire blows
the men of the ship wave their flags
the fighter slowly gains buy a dissertation proposal its speed
going through the crimson blue sky
with that orange creamy tint.

The plane has taken off
speed has borne the wind
papers flow all around
in the machines noisy drill

Charles he starts his flight
as the day is turning into night
and the air ito which he rolls
has no stops for tolls

Charles he loves the air,
the wind and the gun
Nows his first chance
going after men who have come
to attack his land and country

But now he waits for his enemy
like bees, there are so many
his plane goes like a muiplication
of a thousand speeding birds
circling in the sky
making dips left and right

As the adversary is near
the buttons begin to click
a big hard gun comes out of
the plane
and fires like a heavenly shower

The weather is a freezing low
but as the fight starts
the heat begins to flow
as they fire their shots
and charles fires his

The night’s fight creates
as a thousand missiles blast
Some planes fly
and others badly crash

Charles sitting in his cockpit
watches highly concentrated
for signs of any attack
one of the planes come near
a foreign one
Trigger happy
and in hid land of opportunity
Charles pulls out the missile
and aims straight for the engine

the missile goes a sprinting
lighting an intense light
almost blinding
and next we see the shrapnel
all over
pieces flying homework help services in the air

the fight goes on
from dusk till dawn
till fight they can no more
and to base they have to go
as the planes move back to base
they all say ” Another day to live”
but for charles it is
” one of many more”


kindly check my sketches

The Driver
The car, he started
on the glass, shone the morning sun
the road it seemed so long
but the boy he was strong
he turned the ignition
then set teh clutch

slowly his hand hit the gear
and as he keft the clutch
jamming teh accelerator
the car started to roll
slowly on the road

The long stretch of the concrete
an uneasiness sat in him
Inside his gut, he felt a constriction

The accelerator jammed
The gears , they changed
the car started to move
and as the speed crept in
The uneasiness started to leave

The car started to run
and the feeling had changed
– from stiffness to a breeze
and the head cleared off the mental

The car ran once too many
and the road is like a challenge acheived
But even as the car starts to slow
the driver of the car who started
….. just lets it pass ( farted!!)

          The rowing man

The rowing man He rows

Through sun, and wind

And hard – drop rain

From the cove he starts,

Fish, prawns and auto-parts

the island is where he starts

Ferrying across is an art

His skin tans in sun

and  in his basket

melt the buns

Never being paid in full

As the product is always


But still he goes on

Day and night

And then beginning

from twilight

he rows across the sea

and the salts eat at his feet

but  finally he makes to port

and has to ferry back a goat

As the night begins to fall

With love and food he goes

To feed his family

And finally to bed he crawls

——— Trinity Lobo

                                     The Portuguese Pigeon

 The Portuguese Pigeons

 They squat on the pavements

 Circles they keep goin around in

Wonder how the do so ?

But they never fly

And they just stick to the ground

And take their lovely circles

Round and round they go

A lot of shit around

But for them , life is sound

And their lives gel with the earth

But you are a bird,

A bird with wings

The treasure of your existence

Spread your wings

Go Fly away

For wings are to fly

And not be closed deep within

For flights leads to new places

And the birth of new eyes

So don’t stay down, bugger

Like a plane

Conquer the Skies!!!

—- Trinity Lobo

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